AITCA VOIP - Always with you for top notch privacy and security!



AITCA VOIP aims to give you an encrypted communications experience.

Secure Communications

Our reliable, industry-tested VOIP servers allow you to communicate securely anwhere over the internet, with a cheap flat-rate fee seen almost nowhere, with calling and video conferencing worldwide, for the same price! You'll never have to worry about roaming and expensive fees anymore.

State-of-the-art security

Our servers and filesystems are encrypted with state of the art technology, and we never give your data to ANYONE. Best part is, we don't keep logs of what you do, and no call is ever recorded!


Speed is essential. With how fast the world is moving, our VOIP services will make it easy on you and guarantee fast performance when you most need it. And also a place to securely store and access your files.

Cloud Packages

In the future, you'll be able to obtain VOIP packages through our AITCAPayments system, which is live at the moment, and ready for new orders! If you love encrypted storage space with no one else snooping on it, order a package and your account will automatically be upgraded once VOIP becomes available!

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